Types of used car buying scams that all the buyers must know

Making an investment in a car is an excitement. And to be sure that this excitement gets you what you expected, it is important that you wary of certain common scams. When you come to explore sellers on http://bhphlist.com, we want you to experience transparent transactions and have a car that you love.

Head out to learn the following scams and keep them in mind when you are dealing with a used car seller.

Counterfeit Protection Plan

Protection plans can give you a sense of security when you throw cash to purchase a car. However, not always the protection plans are genuine. Sellers might tell you that you will be purchasing the car along with a protection plan from a third party company. But when you actually call up that company, you will find out that the company is not one that offers protection plans or the company offers protection plans only to those who purchase cars through them. If a car dealer offers you protection plan, please confirm with the company about the same before finalizing the purchase.

Change In Terms

Throughout the process of buying a car, you need to be aware of all the things fixed verbally or in written. Many a time, the sellers and buyers agree upon certain terms which get altered later in the documents to the advantage of sellers. In such a situation, if you blindly trust that the seller will stand by his spoken promises in papers too, you can really have a precarious financial time down the road. Confirm that all the terms and conditions are documented as per what was talked about earlier.

Cash Advance

Sellers can trick the buyers into fraud by asking for cash in advance. You must keep the record of the transaction by either some written proof or making the payment through options that can prove that the transaction actually took place. Paying all the cash without having a transaction proof can result into a fraud leaving you empty handed without the car as well as the cash.

Odometer Fraud Scam

This type of scam is common. Sellers tamper with the odometer of the car in order to purport it as one with lower mileage. Earlier digital odometers were considered less prone to tampering but they can be manipulated as well. To avoid this scam, you can look into the maintenance records of the concerned car and match it with the current readings.

Bogus Certification Of The Car

Certified used cars sell for a higher price than that of uncertified ones. The sellers can falsely claim the car as certified. Just a sticker of certification is not enough to corroborate the certification. Certified cars are mostly given out by franchised dealers only. Check out all the info needed to validate whether the car is actually certified or not.

Dealers Selling A Car Without Owning Its Title

When you have to buy a used car from a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, make sure the dealer owns the car. In some circumstances, the dealer might have a difficult time meeting the ends and can attempt to sell a car on which the outstanding liens are still to be paid off. The title of the car, in that case, may or may not be transferred to the seller. Such a purchase can be problematic for you in terms of lack of transparency.