Android Engineer

  1. Engineering
  2. San Francisco, CA, United States

Role Overview

You are an Android Software Developer that will make you focus on bringing the Bhph List vision to life. In order to execute on a broad range of projects you’ll collaborate with other engineers, product managers, designers, and analysts including building new features to improve the experience of our users, architecting mobile infrastructure to support a fast-growing user base, or optimizing our intelligent marketplace to provide a better user experience.


  1. With a tenacious focus on the business impact of the engineering projects we drive those projects to completion.
  2. Pragmatically prioritize tasks to deliver on goals with a sense of urgency.
  3. There arises many technical problems at any level of the mobile stack and we are always ready to solve them, and be determined in getting to the solution. The problems like native front-end, mobile back-end, or mobile infrastructure work we are ready with the solution.
  4. Work collaboratively to plan and execute on engineering projects with our cross-functional teams.
  5. Study hard and Learn as a continuous investment if u wants to achieve our better goals.


  1. Android - 1.5 Years
  2. 4 years industry exp. OR 2 years industry exp. + BS in CS
  3. Java experience


  1. Kotlin experience
  2. Meta-search native apps
  3. Auto Industry Experience
  4. MS or PhD in CS or related field
  5. Consumer Facing App Experience
  6. Agile SDLC
  7. git
  8. Web, Foll-Stack, and/or API Development experience

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